Graphic Design | Film Festival Cling

Film Festival Cling

Film Festival Cling

Film Festival Cling Close Up

Film Festival Cling Close Up

Project: Film Festival Cling

Experience: Minimal

Personal Process: Generally when I have designed I have made items that fit in your hand, something small. When I started this project I learned that InDesign can only make files so large, same with Illustrator. I put off finishing since I was unsure of what to do. After having a meeting with our banner company they suggested I build the file at half scale and they would do the rest. Talk about scary. I hadn’t really experienced that before. In the end it all turned out alright, as you can tell. The final size of the cling is 20 feet wide by 12 feet tall. Have you ever made anything that large? That was a first for me.

–Molly Bochanyin

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One thought on “Graphic Design | Film Festival Cling

  1. Cindy Rose on said:

    Wow it is big!! How cool is that Mol!! I think it looks great.

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